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Consciously Connecting with our inner world

Welcome, this is your permission to rest.

I'm passionate about sharing restorative yoga & yoga nidra as tools and practices that empower you to connect with the nourishing benefits of active rest. Cultivating relaxation within the body & mind helps restore ease & well-being and facilitates a sense of deep renewal. 

I look forward to sharing this nurturing self-care practice with you. Kate x.


Every Saturday  |  9.30 - 10.45 am

Restore & Relax


"In this practice of listening,

A moment may come

When you just want to lie down.

This is a doorway - surrender.

"Fall into the wide-open embrace of life.

You are the instrument breath is playing."

Lorin Roche  PH.D.

Sutra 32, The Radiance Sutras


Seasonal Immersion:

Sunday 30 September 2018  |   1pm-3.30pm


spring Equinox: emerging through ease


Taking time to slow down amid the fullness of life is essential in ensuring that our outward service to others does not become a source of depletion to ourselves. To keep on giving our gifts, it is essential we take time to receive.


women’s restorative retreat: 

Saturday 8 December 2018: 4pm - 6.30pm

New Moon Renewal  |  Women's Radical Rest